Sawgrass Health

of Florida

Sawgrass Health has a new approach to medical therapy.
Depression and addiction have a devastating affect on every part of our society. Finding help is a struggle, especially for those who are already compromised. We provide care for anyone--even the uninsured--for less total out of pocket than co-pays alone. Our practitioners understand the insurance red tape and the financial burden put on working people. So take insurance out of the equation. For 155.00 a month you have access a medical practitioner every week, or only once a month if you prefer. A medical practitioner team who will prescribe your medication and listen. Our top rated psychological counselor will give you an hour of individual attention for only $20.

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TEXT: 612 412 6619 (Text only, preferred)
EMAIL: SawgrassHealth at GMail (patient inquiry)
PHONE: 612 412 6619 (pharmacist only)
St Augustine: 2200 North Ponce de Leon Suite #7